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National Debt

Now we all know about the National Debt, and how the 800 Billion dollar bailout added to the debt our children will be straddled with!   But what about all the other money that the FED lent out?  Click on the image below and watch the Bloomberg interview.


This is the current National Debt:

national debt
Note: a stack of 100 dollar bills, that equals 1 trillion dollars, will reach 62 miles high!  Or, if you paid back a loan at 1 dollar a second it would take 31.7 years to pay back 1 billion dollars... or 31,700 years to pay back 1 trillion dollars.

The National Debt Ceiling:

debt ceiling
The government (and the big banks) are really screwing this country!  We are quickly becoming a 3rd World Nation.

And to put this all in a better perspective , here is Glen Beck:

tot national debt

Several years ago David Walker, the Comptroller of the United States (GAO Office) was so frustrated with the Washington politicians he decided to take his message directly to the people:

david walker iousa

I.O.U.S.A.-30 Minute Version (10/01/08) [32:35]


I.O.U.S.A. -- One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress (02/15/11) [1:21:30]

The National Debt is way out of control, but what is more worrisome is the Derivatives Bubble. The economist don't use Trillions of dollars anymore, but Quadrillion... 1.4 quadrillion to be exact.  But who's counting!


IOUSA Solutions: Part 1 of 5

I just found this on the web. It looks like a follow-up to David Walker's (Comproller of the US, GAO) campaign to educate us to the looming National Debt. Lots of information... it is well worth the 50 minutes.

xiousa-solutionsIOUSA Solutions: Part 1 of 5 [8:18], Part 2 [8:34], Part 3 [8:28], Part 4 [10:50], Part 5 [7:17]

But the Banks are still doing the same stuff they have always been doing:

Dylan Ratigan MSNBC SEC files civil lawsuit against Goldman Sachs - Part 1 [7:00] , Part 2 [8:52]

10.08.2011. 20:23

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